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A Privacy App, Marketing Portal, Payment Token and Wallet all rolled into one.


What is AKA Exchange

There was a time not so long ago when we wanted to listen to music, we would buy a CD, store it and play it whenever we wanted to listen to it.

There was also a time even closer to us that if we wanted to watch a movie, we would buy or rent a DVD, play it, and then store it or return it!

Nowadays, we have access to the millions of music tracks that were ever created and tens of thousands of movie as a digital subscription service via our Netflix, Prime, Apple TV or Apple Music directly on our devices.

Our old CD and DVD collections used to become irrelevant or not up to date (Blue Ray replaced DVDs and then 4K came along…). Those CD and DVD also became damaged or lost and if you bought discounted CDs / DVD, sometimes you were not even getting the original version!.

To us, the above very much sums-up the way we consume personal data. We collect, we store it, it get damaged or irrelevant. It get shared without permission, get re-sold or stolen... Welcome to AKA Exchange where personal data become a service.

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Connect, earn, pay, stay private. Rock on

Connect with the people and businesses you love. Earn and pay with crypto. Keep private in the process.


Earn AKA Tokens just for using the AKA app

Get paid with AKA Tokens every time you engage with marketing ads designed with your interests in mind.


Businesses gain access to the right clients

By creating highly targeted marketing campaigns that reach people eager to engage with your brand.



The AKA Token

A multi-chain, multi-use token built on Ethereum ERC20 standards and available on the Ethereum, Polygon and Binance networks. The AKA app & Business Portal will serve as the economic engine that drives spending, payments, settlement and rewards, all enabled by the AKA Token.

1 Billion - Total Tokens Minted
400 Million - Locked Pool
100 Million - Float Pool
200 Million - Marketing & Bonuses
150 Million - Token Sale
100 Million - Incentive Program
50 Million - Team
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Watch the AKA Explainer Video

Find out what you need to know about the AKA app & Business Portal. Learn how to use the app to earn AKA tokens just for engaging with marketing ads.

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AKA Business Portal

AKA Exchange for Business

We help you find the clients you’re looking for

AKA gives businesses the ability to reach the clients they are looking for with a highly targeted matching system that keeps user identification private in the process.

• With AKA you are connected directly to your customers

• Lowest cost per acquisition rate in the industry

• Only pay when clients engage with your ads

• Accept AKA token as a means of payment or discount


What is an AKA NFT

Every AKA is a unique identity minted as an NFT

An AKA (Also Known As) is what identifies you to all your connections on the AKA app. It might be your company name, your stage name, your nickname, or just a random selection of letters or numbers. The one thing that is definite, is there is only one unique AKA for each variation.
We authenticate each AKA and then mint them on our blockchain as unique NFTs. You can use it as your main AKA identifier on the app, but you are also able to purchase more than one AKA which can be stored in your crypto wallet and used or sold on if you wish.
The AKA NFT marketplace already has over 40,000 AKAs available, but if the one you want isn’t there, then you can create it.